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Rajiv Gandhi Polytechnic & Industrial Training Centre traverses a journey from darkness to light.

No doubt it is ever said that failures are the pillars of success but actually we have scarcely seen any failure and still are successful always as our moves are always planned and calculated bureaucracy. So we always take step forward and dream for making a better tomorrow. This dream is not isolated from the thought of doing welfare of the society that is why profit making is not our only aim. We always keep the view of social responsibility in our mind and then take decisions.

Rajiv Gandhi Polytechnic & I.T.C. was incepted to impart education in the fields of Engineering & Technology, so that students who gain the erudition can support the country by their skills. The institute understands the value of up-gradations and transformations so always enhances its level by enhancing educational standards and keeping up our morals high.

Our faculty is competent and veteran, which helps pupils to become knowledgeable. Faculty members are too much co-operative and supportive, so they are ready to help students in their academics. All the industrial standards are upgraded according to the need of the contemporary industry status. Extracurricular activities are also there to make students all rounder. As we understand the value of practical education.
We are an established institute and have a good rapport with other institutions and organizations, so that our students can be placed at better places. Our placement ratio is high as compare to other institutions. We are gritty to provide quality in the field of hi-tech education related to Engineering and technology. So you can step up here for the betterment of your future.


Our vision is to impart skills to our students in a way that they not only understand the minuteness of technological aspects but also accept the challenges of the contemporary world with confidence. We instill practical skills in them with the vocational skills they acquire; with this they become a well- groomed personality.

We are going to surpass all the standards of success, we will create new boundaries of success for ourselves as we believe in dreaming high and fulfilling all the dreams with hard work and toil. Our staff members are our assets, who help us to achieve this mission of success. So when anybody talks about a perfect team, they are certainly talking about us.